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"Jim, I'm in trouble and need help with _____"
"You know it's $200/day + expenses, right?"
"Ok, I'll see what I can do."
find lead
find another lead that reveals first lead was completely wrong
find yet another lead that reveals the first two leads were completely wrong
get in what would be even bigger trouble involving multi-decade prison sentence except that by now the Real Antagonist has shown up, is shooting at everybody, is obviously insane, and so gets hauled off instead
client figures out clever way to get out of paying
final scene with Rocky/Beth/Dennis/whoever...

Granted, it's set in LA.
Still, the '72 Firebird should have gotten at least co-star billing.

Also seems like the '70s California cops were way lax, since I imagine nowadays getting caught at any single one of these stunts would be instant felony reckless driving conviction with multi-year jail time that would pretty much destroy your career at anything, and at the very least guarantee that you'd never be able to buy auto insurance ever again.
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  • world globes that are missing the Soviet Union

  • URLs on billboards

  • blue M&Ms

Uh oh

Sep. 8th, 2012 11:47 pm
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william wants to learn Emacs
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  • I know that it's not actually profoundly unique to have a continuous slightly-less-than-1200-mile strip of asphalt and concrete connecting one's driveway with Disneyland. Still weird to actually experience it. Thank you, Rome, for coming up with the whole idea...

    (Doubtless, the more unusual thing these days is to not have such a connection; and there are actually a number of islands around here that one can live on to achieve that; but suffice it to say, we didn't pick one of those...)

  • also amazes me just how much having a GPS ipad along really changes the game. "Okay, where's a nice, non-Denny/Applebee place to have lunch in the next 100 miles? Break out teh Google!..." Nor does one lose any time due to stupid, difficult-to-find locations; yay satellite map.

  • JMS (creator of Babylon 5) missed an opportunity — arguably the same goes for Roddenbury and everyone else who depicts a future Earth under a common government, except that Star Trek never had any actual scenes of EarthGov (not to be confused with Star Fleet / Federation HQ) in action, and I figure this is more JMS's style anyway:
    We just need a scene of some cermonial proceeding in Geneva,
    where it's time to rise for the Earth Alliance anthem,
    followed by a quick cut to a side room where some
    last-minute deal is concurrently being worked out,
    where you can hear a few measures in the background,
    and it's an over-the-top anthem-style arrangement of that song....

  • Speaking of That Ride, evidently one of the casualties of the 2009 rebuild was that they did away with the modulations. It's now All G Major All The Time ...bad enough that I might actually prefer the Christmas version now. Shoot me. (...and good luck with cobbling together enough absolute-pitch people [i.e., those who have a snowball's chance in hell of caring about this] for a petition drive; oh well...)
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so I've decided I need a relay. The ideal/stupidest/most-versatile version I can think of would be a power strip that
  • plugs into the wall
  • has one or more outlets on it, and
  • has a USB cable coming out of it
the basic idea being that once I plug the USB cable into my computer, I then have a remote means of turning the strip power on and off.

Embellishments would include being able turn the various outlets on and off separately and the usual array of safety features like having the USB circuit optically isolated, so that if Something Bad happens with the wall power or one of the devices plugged into the strip (develops a short or whatever), nothing bad happens to my computer via the USB line.

I cannot imagine that I'm the first person ever to have thought of this. And, given the vagaries of certain devices I've had to deal with, notably DSL modems, that just periodically need to be power cycled just because, I cannot imagine how any IT shop or network outpost would retain its sanity without something like this to give them the ability to power cycle things remotely.

I know it has to exist. My only worry is that it's so simple it's only available as part of some more complex, hugely expensive thing that I don't need.

So what is it called?
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So buried in amongst the requia for Steve Jobs, I find that Dennis Ritchie also passed away this week.

This would be the Dennis Ritchie who, along with Ken Thompson, basically invented the UNIX operating system (which, BTW, the later versions of MacOS are built on top of) and also along with Brian Kernighan, invented the C programming language.

Yeah, same guy.

Go read the Anti-Forward that he wrote for the Unix-Haters Handbook (you can get the entire book here)
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needs more bleak.

also? some happy+catchy tunes to go with the bleak, plz. kthanxbai
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just in case you were wondering.

I suppose I could just leave it at that, but then all of the non-Tolkien/Roman-History-geeks out there will be scratching their heads, and that would be cruel, so...

yeah okay, I'm slow... )
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... I think that uses all of the allowed adjectives.

Additional notes to whom it may concern at Six Flags, Inc. (the current owners of the Park Formerly Known as Marine World in Vallejo, CA):
  1. Odin is from Norse mythology
  2. there are no known species of tiger either indigenous to or otherwise to be found in Scandinavia or northern Europe (i.e., outside of whatever modern zoos exist in those countries)
  3. the Vikings and other Germanic tribes -- the principal subscribers to Norse mythology -- performed their various rituals in sacred groves and generally did not construct temples, so far as we know.
Just saying...
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(... yes, still 4 ...)
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I get back from today's State Committee meeting still wearing my name-tag.

William (4) sees it and goes, "Daddy went to Adventure Playspace!" (this being an Issaquah daycare/babysitting indoor-tube-farm place where they slap tags on the kids' backs to keep track of their various needs...)

He may have gotten that more right than he knows...
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And here I was griping about the distinct lack of Brit voices available to give directions on our GPS (there's one available but it's kind of lame ...and yes, I'd pay serious money for a CD of Eve Myles reading from the Cardiff phone book, so...)

Now look what they've done!

No idea when/if it'll be available for the US mapsets or what we do when it decides to declare itself emperor or achieves godhood, but hey...
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Ok, I'm just going to give up on the idea that this is anything other than the Skiffy Channel doing random vaguely-medieval-themed fantasy and using the various Arthurian place/people-names entirely by coincidence.

I get that plate armor and Neuschwanstein-style castles are pretty much unavoidable in this genre, and it's not like anachronisms weren't already the order of the day even in the oldest recognizable versions of the Arthur story (Geoffrey of Monmouth being the fastidious historian that he was...). Nor am I going to complain about the use of magic and stupidly improbable creatures roaming the forests, because if you're going to have magic then Just Do It.

But, umm... the episode that introduces Lancelot and has him lying about being of noble birth in order to get into a tournament that's chock full of multicultural knights, that's just a huge WTFF moment. Likewise for the episode where Arthur & company are teaching the peasant villagers to fight off bandits by themselves, with special emphasis on teaching the women of the village how to use swords -- because medieval knights would totally do that. Haven't yet gotten to how Guinevere, the black maidservant, manages to get accepted as Arthur's queen, but I'm sure the writers will work something out.

All we need now is the continuous banner across the bottom of the screen: THIS HAS ABOUT AS MUCH TO DO WITH POST-ROMAN BRITAIN AS THE PLANET OF THE APES TV SERIES — and god, yes, I still remember that; shoot me now. Nor can I shake the feeling that they have a writer or two in common. Why else am I constantly expecting/hoping for Zaius and the gorilla squads to show up, round up all of the main characters, stuff them in cages and lead them off...?

In other news, we have Anthony Stewart Head playing Uther Pendragon.
And somehow I'm still watching this piece of crap; make of that what you will.

Still would it have been so horribly boring to have even tried to make it vaguely real?

Yes, that means you have to trade in the fancy castles for wrecked Roman villas or Celtic hill forts, (though the abandoned Roman cities could actually be cool if done right, cf. Peter Jackson's Osgiliath set from Lord of the Rings — well okay, Londinium was never quite that big, but you get the idea...). Toss the plate armor, the jousting, and the bullshit chivalry and just concentrate on the tale of a band of ex-legionnaire heroes valiantly fighting to preserve the last vestiges of Roman civilization and hold back the tide of invading Saxons ... and miraculously winning... for at least a little while anyway.

Mary Stewart had it nailed pretty well. Why couldn't somebody have adapted that for TV or film?

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So I've now seen a few episodes.

In no particular order:
  • Taking as given the stipulation that there's enough crap lying around the Internet from which whole personalities may be completely reconstructed, I still shudder to think what ZoĆ«'s Algorithm will make of my LJ, facebook, old Usenet postings, the MOO-Cows archive, and of course su.roger-or-andy (whose content was admittedly mostly not me apart from the "roger" part, but I'm not sure her algorithm would be smart enough to figure that out...)

  • The Cylons can't blow these people up fast enough
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Woo. Check this out:


In case you were wondering, my "opponent" happens to be the Other Party's state senate candidate for our legislative district.
Naturally, having posted this, tomorrow's results will doubtless include a fresh flood of votes flipping things the other way.

And yes, this really should be depicted not as a single race but as the two uncontested races they really are — Democratic PCO and Republican PCO being two entirely distinct offices — but that would be more boring...
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Declaring every five minutes that We Are Messing With Your Head does not actually make a good messing-with-your-head movie.

"OMG! Maybe the "real world" wasn't real after all??!?!"?. Gosh, that never would have occurred to me.

What you need is a completely off-the-wall way to end it that becomes obvious only in retrospect. Which, I'll admit, is Hard to pull off, but then there's a reason I don't make movies.

(e.g., having Mal be right about everything and actually alive in the next level out would have been marginally less lame)

Still, both Brazil and The Usual Suspects manage to leave this one in the dust. Hell, even Verhoeven's Total Recall was less of a waste of time. Buh.
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Tigger and Friends (Winnie the Pooh)

Darby??... WTF?

When did Christopher Robin get purged from the canon?

Harold and the Purple Crayon

"No, Harold, he didn't mean it...
please don't ...
please ... oh god...

Why, yes, it's good you did that, Harold!
Real good!
Everyone here loves you, Harold!
But you need to put him in the cornfield.
Could you... put him in the cornfield now,... please?"

Thomas the Tank Engine

"Engine Black is a Mysteron agent!
He's sabotaged the water supply.
Alert Sodor HQ"

"Right away, Engine Blue!

buh buhhhm buhhhm buh buh buh bummmmm
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so for those of you who haven't voted already, this is looking to be a very low-turnout election, so your ballot, if you send it in, is going to matter more than usual...
.... and there's Stuff That Matters (as always):
  • R71 YES already covered
  • I-1033 NO they tried this in Colorado and are still digging out from the rubble

  • King County Executive - Dow Constantine
    I realize folks on the Eastside find it annoying to have to vote for Yet Another Seattle Person; the logic for not doing so would have made sense if either Fred or Ross had made it out of the primary (and it rather annoys me that they couldn't have flipped a coin or something back in April),... but they didn't. Hutchinson is less qualified than Sarah Palin and about as loopy even though she's better at hiding it. I particularly like how the Discovery Institute (she served on their board) scrubbed their website pretty much the moment she announced. It's appalling how many people think she's some kind of moderate, but that's the problem with actors and TV personalities; they get a free pass on all sorts of crap...

  • Port Commission - Rob Holland, Max Vekitch
    It's sort of weird how other ports on the west coast manage to turn a profit whereas for some reason we have to subsidize ours. Pat Davis is finally gone (yay), but unfortunately so is Lloyd Hara, so getting that reformist majority (or at least a majority not in favor of stupid/corrupt real-estate deals) is still going to be work...

for those of you in Bellevue, Mercer Island, Newcastle, or Issaquah, here's the full list of 41st Democrats endorsements.
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  • BSG ended already; everybody died.
    Nobody asked you to make new episodes.
    In fact, I'm guessing there's already a glut of fan-fiction out there.

  • Also? Land of the Giants?
    Really stupid, even by 1968 standards.
    Not something that gets better with age,
    Hence, not good source material
    for new episodes for BSG, or anything else. Really.

  • Also, also?
    Dreams with Philip as a ghost
    (as in, I see him, nobody else does)?
    Set in the house where I grew up?
    Classify under: Extra Special Creepy.
    That's right up there with the the complete sentences thing.
    Don't do that again.

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someone posted this with comments turned off, so I'll reply here since this is generally worth knowing (even if you don't live in WA, your state's referrendum system may be similarly braindead...)
One of the biggest deceptions the [religious conservative asshats] are peddling, one of the strongest tools they have to get you to do what they want is the language of the referendum (Referendum 71 BTW) that requires that the state vote FOR it in order to maintain the status quo. Their opponents need to vote FOR their piece of shit referendum in order to defeat their true goal.

Let me rephrase that.

If Referendum 71 gets on the ballot in order to maintain current partnership rights for everyone in Washington State, people need to vote YES.
While the anti-GLBT folks blatantly lie about lots of stuff, this particular matter is not a deception, or at least, it wasn't their idea. It's actually a (mis)feature of how the Referendum system works in Washington state, i.e., every Referendum is like this: proponents are required by law to phrase it so that upholding the action of the legislature is a yes vote. Thus,
  • If you like the law as it was passed, you do nothing and if someone offers you a petition to put it on the ballot you make sure you don't sign it. But if it does make it to ballot, then you have to vote YES to keep the law in place.
  • Conversely, if you don't like the law, then it's sign-but-then-vote-no.
which of course completely violates the principle that "no" votes on initiatives/etc shouldn't be changing the status quo, but there you have it.
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